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Enhancing efficiency and data accuracy, our technology integration seamlessly combines software/systems, backed by expert support for optimal operations

  • Integration of Oracle EBS with Third-party systems.
  • Custom application integrations with SAP and Oracle.
  • Integrating financial data into Tally.
  • Oracle NetSuite integration with Banking systems.

At Snithik Technologies, we possess extensive expertise in the construction, enhancement, and maintenance of ERP systems, including Oracle EBS and SAP. Our profound knowledge extends to Custom Application development, seamlessly translating business requirements into actionable solutions. The dual proficiency in both types of systems positions us at the forefront, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions for seamless system integration across diverse frameworks in the market.

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Consulting Services

Providing advice and strategic planning on how to integrate various technologies to meet specific business needs. This could involve assessing current systems, identifying gaps, and proposing integration solutions.

Systems Integration

Bringing together different software applications or platforms within an organization, ensuring they communicate effectively and share data smoothly.

API Integrations

Creating and implementing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable different systems to exchange data and functionalities.

Cloud Integrations

Assisting in integrating on-premises systems with cloud-based applications or migrating systems to the cloud while ensuring interoperability and data consistency.

Enterprise Application Integrations

Connecting various enterprise-level software applications (such as ERP, CRM, HRM systems) to streamline business processes and data flow across the organization.

Middleware Solutions

Implementing middleware software to facilitate communication and data exchange between disparate applications and systems.

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